Laravel Application Development: 5 Hacks To Get It Done

Laravel can help you skyrocket your online presence by providing simple, fast-performing and business-centric web application. Well, that’s the power of Laravel! Great APIs, a rich set of libraries and smooth architecture, it is surely a one-stop solution for business owners to get started with a web application, complex or simple one. However, how to get it done rightly? While there are many ways to deploy the framework to get an outright website or application build, not all can assure you a highly performance-oriented website. The following section has gathered some of the best ways to optimise Laravel development for ensuring that the website or application built will deliver unparalleled performance.

Routes Caching

An enriching feature of Laravel, it is really useful when one is creating a web application with many routes and configuration. This command will help escalating loading speed of the app making it run super-fast. However, you need to remember to apply the command whenever the configuration files or routes files are changed.

JIT compiler

One of the cutting-edge aspects about Laravel is this! You can translate a PHP code easily to bytecode and later use it a resource-intensive process. Laravel experts or developers can compile it that in quick step and the benefit? The app will perform fast. The most suggested JIT compiler to use for the Laravel framework is HHVM.

Removing any unused service

Another effective way you can pick up the performance of your ventured out application is not loading everything through configuration. There might be some unused services and so it’s better not to load them in the configuration file by disabling them. There’s a simple command to do that but you have to sure not to interrupt the key functionality of the app.

Reduce the use of plugins

Laravel is a key favorite among the developers as well as site owners for the wide-ranging functional plugins it provides. All those can be seamlessly used to tweak in additional aspects to the site or application and boost its functionality. However, in executing them, they do forget that deploying more plugins means bringing in new files and extra libraries that can increase the load time. It is essential for developers to reconsider and use a limited number of plugins to optimise the loading process.

Application of Eager Loading query

There is an ORM (Object-related-mapping) aspect in Laravel framework for handling the databases called Eloquent. It assists the developers map out their object models into the application’s database tables. But, that’s great only when they have to work on mapping for fewer files. Eloquent does that well and handle all the database interaction required for CRUD operations. However, they do it in Lazy loading approach. Developers can now apply “Eager loading” by setting up queries. So, that they can get any object-related models from an initial query, making them available readily.

On an obvious note, businesses need to get these Laravel performance enhancement tricks and tuning tips to ensure that their application is a head-turner in the virtual space. For that, they need to partner with an eminent team of Laravel experts, who can assist them from scratch to the final launch.

8 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Web Development Company

Today, every business whether it’s small or large has its own business website. Since there are a lot of website developers out there, choosing the right one may not be easy. Therefore, this article talks about a few tips that can help you choose the best service provider.

1. Social Media Presence

Presence on social media is the sign of a good web development company. Most developers have their own social media pages on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Today, most web developers enjoy a great social media reputation. Therefore, they are growing pretty fast. Therefore, you may want to make sure that you go with a service provider that has social media presence.

2. Previous Project Designs

Before you choose an agency, make sure you check their portfolio first. Nowadays, most people use their smartphones to make searches online. Therefore, an easy way to choose a good company is to consider their portfolio.

Their websites have to be responsive on popular platforms, such as tablets, desktop PCs and mobile phones. If their websites don’t open well on mobile devices, you may look for a different provider.

3. Web Technology Knowledge

Before you choose a provider, consider the technologies they use for web development. If they don’t use the latest technologies, know that they may not be able to design the best website for you.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of knowledge when it comes to making a website that can attract a lot of visitors

4. Internet Marketing Expertise

Your business site acts as the face of your company. It’s much more than just a marketing tool as it helps convert common visitors into your prospective customers. Therefore, make sure that your chosen web developer is well-versed in internet marketing. After all, every company has to stick to the internet marketing rules.

5. Web Hosting Service

When choosing a good web developer, find out if they offer web hosting services. If they don’t, they can’t provide web hosting for your company. It’s not a problem if you already work with a good web hosting service.

6. Official Website

Make sure that the web developer has an impressive website. Their website must be built based on the web development and designing rules. The website has to follow the rules of digital marketing. If they do, there is no harm in hiring the service provider.

7. Communication

Good service providers know how to communicate with their valued clients. If possible, you should get in touch with the previous clients of the company. You should ask them questions to find out if they were happy with the services of the provider.

If the provider behaves well, it’s a sign that you can work with them and enjoy good services at the same time.

8. Problem-Solving Capacity

If you want to go with the best company, find out if they are capable to solve your problems.

In short, if you follow the tips given in this article, you will be able to go with the best service provider for your web development needs. Hope this helps.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Quickly and Successfully

Your lack of effective SEO could be holding you back. Consumers can’t make the decision to buy from you if they don’t know about you. Getting the message out there through social media and your online search engine ranking matters. It can be tough to find time to do it on your own, and you aren’t going to have the skills necessary.

It is best to put this into the hands of a great business who does. With the help of an SEO project outsourcing company you can improve your rankings and give your competitor’s a run for their money. You can also get more consumers who have a desire for your product or service to learn about what you offer. This will increase your sales and your cash flow.

Look at the Options

Not all of the SEO project outsourcing company providers out there are the same, and it is your responsibility to find the best one. Look at how long they have been in business, the techniques they use, and the tools they have. How big of an organization are they and what types of credentials due their employees have to offer?

What will they do to offer you a personalized plan of action for your business to benefit from? You don’t want to work with any SEO project outsourcing company offering a cookie cutter approach that they loosely use for all businesses. You also want to avoid those who take part in shadow techniques. Keep it legitimate when it comes to how you earn your rankings.

Approve Plan of Action

Take your time to consult with an SEO project outsourcing company you feel can help you. There is no obligation at that point. It isn’t until you approve the plan of action and put it all in writing that it is binding. Avoid any business that is pushy or who attempts to get you to move forward without a written contract. They aren’t ethical and you have to question their intentions overall.


The plan of action needs to be very specific about what they will offer, when they will deliver, how they will deliver, and the overall timeframe for the project. The cost for the services the SEO project outsourcing company offers to you will depend on all of those factors. The cost should be negotiated and also part of that written contract.

If you like what they do for you, then you can consider working with them again for future projects. They may offer ongoing SEO services, and that may be something you wish to hire them for once you see the results of this first project. Make them continue to earn your trust and the work though, don’t make them assume it is a free ride for them to have your account.


In order for you to be able to accurately evaluate the success of the SEO project outsourcing company and what they did for you, data has to be reviewed. Part of the set up stage with them should be how to evaluate what they do for you. This should include the amount of visitors daily and the conversion rates. Find out what they offer and when such reports will be given to you.

If there are specific measurements of services you would like to have in place, speak up and ensure they will add them. If they aren’t willing to offer such information to you, they may not be the right company for your needs. Typically, a great SEO provider is going to do all they can to appease you regarding their services.

The Benefit of Having an SEO Company by Your Side

We have entered an era where business is no longer limited to where you are established. That’s right! With the power of the internet at hand, anyone and everyone can start a business online and help one’s business go global instantaneously. Of course you’ll first need to get your website designed by a web designer and most importantly have a professional SEO company by your side.

However, one of the many mistake business owners tend to make is underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And because of this they fail to reach out to their target audience.

The reason as to why this happens is really simple. When you search for a product online, a search engine will provide you with multiple websites on each page, however the need to search is quickly erased with links on the first page. So, if your website isn’t on the first page… your business can’t boom online. So what does an SEO company do? A good SEO company helps your website rank among the top 5.

Even if you happen to have a great domain name or for the matter have a great web designer working for your website design, if you don’t have someone for SEO… the end result would be that your site will never reach your target audience.

Which is why, a business owner needs to understand that when he goes online he won’t be the only person that’s selling that particular product to the masses. There’ll be millions of small and big business that are there to deliver the same.

If by now you are curious as to how a three letter word could be so useful for your business. Here’s how it works. SEO works on the principle of words and phrases that your target group uses while searching for a product.

Let’s suppose you are an online retailer of multiple items. And your customer types in his search engine-
- Vendetta masks

Now here’s where the magic happens, if you have ‘Vendetta’, ‘masks’ and ‘Vendetta masks’ as keywords set to your website. Your site will not only be at page 1 but will be above the Wikipedia article of the mask’s history.

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